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Longlevens Infant School



Parents of Reception children, please have your child's birth

certificate availible for their class teacher to see during the home visit.  Thank you.


EYFS start school on 8th September

Mobile Library will be in school on 15th September 

Parents' Information Evening on 23rd September

Cheltenham Half Marathon on 27th September



Welcome from the Headteachers


Welcome to Longlevens Infant School. There are so many ways to say welcome. At our school we hope you feel welcome too. The atmosphere is one of fun, friendship and family.


Our school motto ‘All of us together’ represents team work, all of us working together, encouraging each other to do our best, celebrating successes and helping one another  when we are challenged.


The curriculum is creative, inspirational and of the highest quality. At our school we strive for academic success, knowing that this comes from children who are self-confident, have good self-discipline and are motivated to learn. Our pastoral care helps children to establish these attributes and to be resilient.


Our school family is our children, staff, Governors, parents and the wider community of Longlevens and beyond. We believe success comes from working in partnership. Parents are positively encouraged to involve themselves in the whole life of the school and can feel confident of a warm welcome by staff who are passionate about meeting the needs of your child.


As headteachers we are proud to lead a school with such a strong sense of community and togetherness, striving to do it’s very best.


Kerry Cunningham and Emma Lamb







“Teaching across the school is good and promotes good progress.  Pupils enjoy learning in lessons because they are inspired and motivated by the many interesting activities”  March 2014





Please browse our website and blog where some, but by no means all, of the exciting and inspiring activities that our pupils enjoy are showcased.









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Induction Dates - 12th June 2015

September Transition - 12th June 2015

FS and Year 1 - Cheltenham Half Marathon Schools' Challenge

Year 2 - After school Choir Club










Governors Award May 2015



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EmergencyShould the school need to close due to an emergency, such as adverse weather, local radio stations will be notified of the closure and parents will be informed with a text.  The closure will also be notified on the school website and the Local Authority website .  We would be grateful if you would check the above before telephoning the school. 







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